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US Airways Pilots Emergency Assistance Fund (UPEAF) Update:

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Greetings fellow pilots and families,

We are very happy to provide this progress report to all US Airways pilots. We have been receiving donations to the UPEAF fund for approximately a month now, and we are heartened by the responses we have received thus far. It’s not so much that we are setting any records on collections, but it is impressive to see that we have pilots who care so much for their fellow pilots. It truly makes us proud to be associated with men and women who have the heart to think, and especially act, in such a selfless and giving way. (Some that have donated surely are the least able to afford it, given that they are 190 pilots, which should touch all of us).

To all pilots that have donated, we express our deepest gratitude and assurance that your sacrifice is not lost on this committee. We will do all we can to ensure the funds are used EXACTLY as you intend them to be.

We would also like to express our appreciation to Mike D’Angelo and John Feldvary for their past work with the old Pilot Volunteer Fund (PVF). They have been working very hard to help transition funding for the UPEAF and have been instrumental in enhancing our financial viability. With that in mind, it is more than appropriate to not only thank them for their current work in helping our committee, but to also express our thanks to all those who donated to the PVF over the years and for the good work that our former PVF accomplished in helping this pilot group.

That brings us up to where we are now. We are working on putting the word out to our pilots about the work we are doing. It is our hope that every single US Airways pilot is aware that we exist and of exactly what it is we do. We are spreading the word through multiple communication outlets and trying to refine and streamline our request for assistance process, as well as our ability to accept donations via PayPal. (A PayPal link is located on the Members Only homepage and the UPEAF section of the USAPA Web site.) It is worth mentioning that we are trying to maximize the use of all donations for the benefit of our needy pilots, and a donation sent via mail will yield 100% of that money expressly to our cause, whereas PayPal will charge a small handling fee. (Bottom line, donations via U.S. Mail will have a slightly higher yield to our pilots). Mail donations to:

PMB 194
8500 Essington Avenue
Philadelphia Airport
Philadelphia, PA 19153

All of this is being done with one goal in mind, which is to make the process simpler for anyone using it. (Whether you’re requesting assistance, or making a donation, we want your experience to be user-friendly and efficient).

We will close by reminding you that all donations, large or small, are appreciated equally and that with greater participation from our group small donations will certainly add up and enhance our ability to help in more significant ways. Our abilities rest solely with your willingness to pitch in, and collectively we can really make a difference for our distressed pilots.


Ron Denny
John Feldvary
Courtney Borman
Ryan Giampietro
Mike McDowell
Richard Hartman
Steve Szpyrka

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Please note:

The UPEAF is completely independent from USAPA, and is not affiliated with 'the hanger,' or Leonidas, LLC.

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