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Inset Image - OptionalWelcome to the new "Cactus Pilot" website. It is our goal to be the single most useful site for all pilots of the New US Airways. Besides the easy to remember address, this is also your portal to "The Hangar." The Hangar is a new web forum truly designed around the needs of ALL US Airways pilots, regardless of your heritage. The goal of this new forum is to facilitate useful conversation and healthy debate in order to help bridge the divide that separates us. We hope to foster a united workforce which will be able to stand up to the various threats that surround our pilot group.

The Hangar is brought to you by Leonidas, LLC. We are well aware that many believe that we are out to undermine USAPA, but that simply is not the case. Other than one item in particular, we are supportive of our independent union. But, more than anything else, we desire to see the pilots of the New US Airways succeed together and restore the pride we once knew at our predecessor carriers. Living in the past will not suffice, nor will ignoring our new reality. This will not happen on its own, and we must all move beyond our hard feelings. Please join us as we strive to press ahead and work to build a successful tomorrow for our pilots and our profession.

Neither "," nor "The Hangar" are affiliated with the US Airline Pilots Association.

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